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Poster show ~ Museo d’arte di Ravenna

1-flyers_tableFlyers for a retrospective exhibit of Providence poster art at The Museum of Art in Ravenna, Italy, opening this month as a part of Transmissions Festival. The show is curated by Pippi Zornoza and also includes work by her, Alison Nitkiewicz, Mickey Zachilli and Adam Morosky. Digital versions of the work below. Actual posters are editioned xerox on stonehenge heavy stock, stamped, hand-numbered, and a few imprinted with blood.

new poems in TROUBLE book

16 new poems from upcoming series printed in TROUBLE book from DMNS press (Xander Marro)

in her words/artists/writers featured: As part two of a book series that presents thematic collections of writing/pictures by visual artists/musicians/performers/people who have some affiliation with a broad and vaguely defined “world of art”, Xander presents: Trouble. It’s either a book about finding trouble, or being trouble, or getting out of it all somehow. Contributors include some of the best troublemakers Rhode Island (or it’s nearby environs) have to offer: Mike Leslie, Annapurna Himel Wagner, Katrina Salander Clark, Matthew Derby, Mark Baumer, Mike Taylor, Rachel Lewallen, Tom Bubul, Heather Benjamin, Lisa Carver, Matthew Lawrence, V Manuscript, Jamie Lowe, Mimi Chrzanowski, Daniel Daley, Mary-Kim Arnold, Bert Crenca, Suzy Gonzelez, Rudy Cheeks, Mickey Zacchilli.

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