V Manuscript is poet / pervert / blasphemme. The texts of V Manuscript are constructed using a combination of writing and quarreling with grammar machinesalgorithmically assisted text regeneration methods are mis/used, then cut-up, edited, re-poeticized and re-inserted back into a master narrative. The intimacy necessary for the project hinges on blood-stamped self-published chapbooks and intense live performances combining text and music which underscore ornate corporeal and poetically virulent practices of endurance, tension and concentration. A variety of ritual objects and occult materials – rope, needles, knives – are employed and often amplified in performance. The many V Manuscripts focus on the absence of absolutes and the marginalia of masochism, eroticism and the fluidity of gender. V Manuscript runs the small press VILE_TYPE, the reading series The Empty Room, and collaborates w Maralie in the performance duo HUMANBEAST.

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