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Month: January, 2015


bloodstamped edition of 39

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new poems in TROUBLE book

16 new poems from upcoming series printed in TROUBLE book from DMNS press (Xander Marro)

in her words/artists/writers featured: As part two of a book series that presents thematic collections of writing/pictures by visual artists/musicians/performers/people who have some affiliation with a broad and vaguely defined “world of art”, Xander presents: Trouble. It’s either a book about finding trouble, or being trouble, or getting out of it all somehow. Contributors include some of the best troublemakers Rhode Island (or it’s nearby environs) have to offer: Mike Leslie, Annapurna Himel Wagner, Katrina Salander Clark, Matthew Derby, Mark Baumer, Mike Taylor, Rachel Lewallen, Tom Bubul, Heather Benjamin, Lisa Carver, Matthew Lawrence, V Manuscript, Jamie Lowe, Mimi Chrzanowski, Daniel Daley, Mary-Kim Arnold, Bert Crenca, Suzy Gonzelez, Rudy Cheeks, Mickey Zacchilli.

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